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Avodart is a dual 5alpha-reductase inhibitor for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Avodart differs from finasteride as it inhibits both isoenzymes of 5alpha-reductase and results in near-complete suppression of serum dihydro-testosterone. Similar to finasteride, Avodart reduces serum prostatic specific antigen by approximately 50% at 6 months and total prostate volume by 25% in 2 years. Randomised, placebo-controlled trials conducted over 2 years have shown the efficacy of Avodart in symptomatic relief, and peak urinary flow rate, and reduction of acute urinary retention events and the need for surgery. The main Avodart side effects are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido, gynacomastia and ejaculation disorders. Avodart has been shown to possess tumor regression properties in vitro and its role in chemoprevention of prostate cancer is being evaluated in the ongoing Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events (REDUCE) trial. Possible side effects with Avodart are impotence (trouble getting or keeping an erection), a decrease in libido (sex drive), swelling or tenderness of the breast, and a decrease in the amount of semen released during sex. Avodart side effects could also include allergic reactions such as rash, itching, hives, and swelling of the lips or face. Another potential Avodart side effect is muscle aches. We have had 2 emails of this potential Avodart side effect and we can't be sure the drug is responsible until we receive more information. See the bottom of this page for a fuller description of this Avodart side effect. Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) and male sexual dysfunction are highly prevalent in aging men, and are strongly linked. Various treatment strategies for benign prostatic hyperplasia may affect sexuality, with differences between drug classes and between drugs within a same class. The 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, finasteride and Avodart are associated with a greater side effect risk of erectile dysfunction, ejaculatory dysfunction (EjD) and decreased libido than is placebo. The Avodart side effect regarding sexual health is a concern for many men who are medicated with this drug. Passion Rx, Prostate Power Rx, or natural sex herbs could potentially be helpful in some men in reversing some of these Avodart related sexual side effects. A study involved 6,700 men with high scores from PSA blood tests but no sign of cancer on biopsy. The men were given Avodart or dummy pills and new biopsies four years later. Prostate cancer was found in 25 percent of those on dummy pills and 20 percent of those on Avodart. Heart failure developed in 30 men on the drug versus only 16 on dummy pills. Further analysis suggests that men who developed heart failure while on Avodart also tended to be taking certain other drugs. The New England of Medicine, 2010. I am a 58 year old white male, diagnosed with a non-cancerous, enlarged prostate, by my family doctor in 2004.I am 6’ 1” and 185 lbs - active 5 days a week and have run 6 marathons in the past three years. I run outdoors or go to the gym to row, cycle and weight train. Occasionally I have lower back pain but otherwise have few medical issues other than an ongoing PSA on the high side of normal. In 2004, I was prescribed and used Terazosin to reduce night time urination frequency until 2009 at which time I switched to Flomax to try and reduce the symptoms which had increased. After 6 months with no improvement, my doctor recommended me to a specialist, who in June of this year, performed a series of tests and suggested we try to reduce the size of my prostrate with the use of Avodart. He also changed my Flomax prescription to Alfuzosin HCL 10mg.Everything was going fine with my prescription (few side effects) and my 16 week marathon training for an October event until I spent several days rolling paint on ceilings in late August and early September. I developed shoulder, neck and upper arm pain which I attributed to overuse. It was even painful to try and take a full breath of air as my rib area felt tight and sore as my lungs expanded. Problem is – this is still the case today - 2 + months addition to this, while my training for the marathon went extremely well early, I started to have difficulty with achieving time goals on long runs, late in the training. I was somewhat dismayed but I attributed the soreness to fatigue late in the training schedule– and believed my pre-race taper would rectify this. I did not over train – or push the training goals. When I ran my marathon in mid October 2010 (a month ago) I was unable to keep my planned race pace going past 18 miles – and attributed it to the downhill portions of the race course (I am from the prairies). Problem is, I have more pain now than I did the week after the race. I just can’t seem to heal and it’s getting very depressing as I haven’t been able to walk, turn my head, reach or lift without pain. In all the marathons and half marathons I have run. I have never been sore for longer than a few days after the event – certainly nothing close to what I am experiencing now. I suspect that the Avodart or the Alfuzosin or the combination, may have something to do with my inability to heal like I could last spring and the ongoing neck, shoulder, arm and hip and leg joint pain. Avodart does work for hair loss. Dihydrotestosterone is the main molecule responsible for androgenic alopecia or hair loss. Finasteride, which reduces transformation of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone ( DHT ) and decreases dihydrotestosterone activity, is approved for treatment of androgenic hair loss in men. In one case study, a 46-year-old woman with androgenic alopecia, non-responsive to minoxidil, who initially benefited from finasteride, was given another 5-reductase inhibitor, Avodart. Clinical evaluation and trichogram were applied for assessment of Avodart efficacy in this patient. Additionally, mean hair diameter was monitored by means of computer dermoscopy. After 6 months of therapy, significant improvement was observed and after 9 months the clinical diagnosis of androgenic alopecia could no longer be made in this patient. Avodard is helpful for hair loss. Avodart dosage for hair loss may be less that the dosage required to treat prostate enlargement. For more information on baldness. Several drugs are currently used as prostate medicine, the most commonly used is Proscar (finasteride) for prostate enlargement. Avodart - Dutasteride manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline; Dutas - Generic Dutasteride manufactured by Dr. Reddy's; Fincar - Generic Proscar manufactured by Cipla; Flomax - Tamsulosin Hydrochloride manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim; Proscar - Finasteride (5mg) manufactured by Merck; Calutide - Generic Casodex manufactured by Cipla; Cytomid - Generic Flutamide manufactured by Cipla.


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